Here is Tamil researcher Orissa Balu Speech on Tamilar History. He discusses various aspects such as 17,00,000 lakhs old Adyar, Aamaiyur, vanigam, Mylapore thuraimugam, 1,30,000 old Tamil Ocean travel, 9000 islands, 130 km land Sank.

Some important points – Tamil Researcher Orissa Balu Speech on Tamilar History video:

Chennai was an island before several years. Adyar is a great river at the time of stone age people, Which is 1.25 km in width.

The old name of Adyar is Aamaiyur. The name Thiruvanmiyur is also coming after Aamaiyur.

As a matter of fact, Aamaiyur is the place from Neelankarai to Marina, where old Cauvery Nadu people lived and done Trade.

Near the Aamaiyur only, one of the oldest Mylapore port located.

Moreover, First people who started the journey in the sea is from Aamaiyur. Before 1,30,000 years sea journey was started in Aamaiyur.

Researchers believe, The people in Aaimaiyur has the knowledge to travel different part of the world and return to their homeland.

In addition, Comparing the Sumerians, Egyptians, Indus Valley civilization people and Chinese people, The Tamil people have good knowledge in traveling around the sea through the turtle path.

In the research, we discovered more than 9,000 islands is sank in the Indian Ocean.

For all business related Tamil people, Maasi Masam is the best for planning. For Trade, Pin Pani is the best time.

Especially For harvest, Maasi Masam is an important month.

Once we lose the land we lose the language(Tamil).

Furthermore, Most of the words in Tamil contain other language words.

For building a strong society, planning is very important based on the land, Siru Poluthu, and Perum Poluthu.

In fact, Time is an important factor in starting every new thing.

The Word “Vivasayam” is not a Tamil Word. Ulavu thozhil and Payir thozhil is the Tamil word for Vivasayam.

For the first ocean path by human are done by using the turtle path.

Once the Tamilnadu is the Larger inland portion, which includes Sri Lanka within the portion.

For more than 20 years, I have been researching three types of turtle

1.Olive ridley(Pankuni Aamai)

2.Green turtle. (Pachchai Aamai)

3.leatherback turtle(7 Varai Thoni Aamai)

These turtles are important in Human migration from one place of the world to another.

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Other important Points – Tamil Researcher Orissa Balu Speech on Tamilar History video

Aadi Masam – for Kuudal

How caste originated?

Mani neer


Tamil Language

Time – 12 perum poluthu.

Turtle- olive ridley, Green turtle, leatherback turtle.

240 temples of Turtle.

sanskrit impact on the Tamil Language.


Below is the link for Tamil Researcher Orissa Balu Speech on Tamilar History video

Tamil Researcher Orissa Balu Speech on Tamilar History video: Click Here