Great Novelist Balakumaran was born in Thanjavur Tamil Nadu. He is the author of Over 200 novels 100 stock short stories and dialogue/screenplay writer for 23 Tamil movies.

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Novelist Balakumaran


Famous Novels Written by Novelist Balakumaran

1.udayar novel

2.irumbu kuthirai

3.Mercury Pookkal

4.Krishna Arjunan



7.kaiveesamma kaiveesu

Awards Won by Balakumaran

  • Irumbu Kudhiraigal – Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiyar Trust Awards
  • Mercury Pookal – Illakkiya Sindhanai Awards
  • Kadarpalam – State Award (II Prize) (Short Story Collection)
  • Sugajeevanam – State Award (I Prize) (short story collection)

He also Worked as Dialogue Writer for Tamil movies such as Nayakan, Baasha, Guna, and Pudhupettai. From  child, he was highly inspired by his mother, who was a Tamil scholar.

deep interest in Tamil literature which made literature his passion. Despite having a poor relationship with his father due to average academic performance especially Maths, he continued his deep interest in literature under his mother support.

His first stories were published in a literary magazine called ‘ka-ca-da-ta-pa-Ra’ and for which he was also a founding member of KaChaTaThaPaRa, a self-anointed militant literary journal that had been launched with a mission to blaze new trails in modernist literature and later in Kumudam.Balakumaran’s first novel — ‘Mercury Pookaal’ was serialized in Saavi and his second ‘Irumbu Kuthirai’ (Iron horse) was serialized in Kalki.


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